1. It is submitted that as per Para 43 of Rules and Regulations of Army Public School, Apr 2019 and HQ MB Area letter No 028/26/60/AWES dt 19 Feb 2020 the composition of School Administration and Management Committee (SAMC) for the year 2020-21 is as under :-



Presiding Officer : Brig Rajesh Negi, Comdt, JAK RIF RC &

Chairman, APS No-2


Members : 1. Lt Col Naveen Sarwate, GSO 1 (Int)

- Offr members

2. Lt Col Neeraj Kumar, OC 54 Coy ASC (Sup) detailed by

HQ MB Area

3. Lt Col Amit Tiwary, GE (West)


4. Two parents of the students in the School :-


(a) Wife of Sub Rakesh Kumar, Records JAK RIF.


(b) Wife of Hav MR Babu, MH Jabalpur.

5. Two Teachers of the School :-


(a) Mrs Shari Pillai, PGT, APS No 2.

(b) Mrs Rita Nanda, PRT, APS No 2.


6. Two Educationists:-


(a) Mr I Felix, Principal, KV 1 STC (Retd).


(b) Lt Col Deepmala, Edn Offr, JAK RIF RC.


7. Col A K Nayak, OC School Section.


Secretary - Mrs Sheela Pandey, Principal, APS No 2.